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Starting in September 2001, a two-man crew will make an attempt to fly down to Australia via the Middle East and South East Asia, and then on to fly across the USA. Their aircraft, a Rand KR2, will be the smallest homebuilt aircraft to fly that distance away from its home base.

Some people say our world has become a village... That it can be visited with just a PC keyboard. Our little screens surely invite us to discover our planet and can even give us the taste of adventure. But they will never give us the real thrills of travels.

Flying around the world has become one of the most common occurrences of the modern days. It certainly is true when travelling comfortably in the cosy armchairs of renowned airlines. Yet the wooden seats of the KR2 don't resemble at all the leather seats of business class. This (very) small and light homebuilt aircraft may not be as roomy as say a Boeing 747. But when it takes off, the adventure is just the same... If not greater!

Children from many different nations will also take part in the adventure. During the tour, the crew will collect funds and organize activities for the Greenhawk Trust, a charity that aims to give disabled and disadvantaged children the chance of a flight in a light aircraft. With the help of local pilot volunteers, the Trust and the crew hope to fly as many children as possible on their way around the globe.

It is precisely to live those thrills that we decided to set off on a round-the-world flight, onboard a two-seat-aircraft called a Rand KR2. Departure is scheduled for September 2001. Meanwhile we invite you for a virtual journey on our site, hoping that it will give you the desire to fasten your rucksacks... Or is that parachutes? Better make sure!!!

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