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The Crew

Colin Hales Colin Hales, 32 years old, of British nationality, is an aeronautical engineer, licensed with the CAA (A+C), PFA & BGA. He is presently working for an aircraft maintenance organisation based in Oxford. Colin started to fly when he was 16 years old. His hobbies include sport (motor racing - bikes, cars and karts -, swimming, running), backpacking, designing and assembling innovative radio-controlled models of cars, boats and planes, gliding and of course flying powered aircraft.
Nadine Brauns Nadine Brauns, 29 years old, of Belgian nationality, has a degree in communications and specialized in international relations. She is working as a freelance journalist. Her main hobbies are the cinema, meeting people from different backgrounds and with different interests, writing and photography. She has produced some reports about Cuba (1997) and Albania (1993, 1994) amongst others.
Grommit, Freddy et Mutlit Gromit, Fredy and Mutlit are not only the mascots of this world tour. They are also our inseparable travel companions and are extremely popular with kids of all ages!

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